Mycelium Electronics

AKA Fungal Electronics

Student Mycelium Lamps

For my high school course Art of Code my students made mycelium lamp shades. For molds to shape the mycelium mix we used various single use plastic containers, like yogurt and takeout containers. For the lights I fabricated pcbs for a Rasperry Pi Pico circuit with 24 neopixel rings. Students learned to code their own color variations with 2 buttons, one to change brightness and one to cycle through colors. More information about this project here.

My own mycelium electronics projects

More lamps! I used extra mycelium from the class project to make some more lamps. Some are along the lines of what the students made while some are put together from other salvaged materials, like an old IKEA lamp, and RGB LEDs discarded by a bodega.

Bases are made with assorted materials, such as melted and molded HDPE plastic and wood pallet scraps.

Clocks! I accumulate old clocks and took some apart to put the electronics inside a mycelium case. More here

Solar panel! I've been using this 9W (4.5 x 2) solar panel to charge a phone bank for a year, which I use to keep my phone (mostly) solar powered. The mycelium backing has been very study, even after taking a few falls. More about this here.